Magnific Hair Salon
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Magnific Hair Salon... the Story

Magnific Hair Salon was formed in 2004 to help regular people enjoy the same quality hair and beauty services as they would find in high-end salons and to bring the quality that they see in movies, TV and popular publications within their reach. Having strong knowledge and skills with all aspects of beauty, hair cuts, color and style, including full traditional barber services, and with a strong desire to help others get the most for their money and time, Magnific was born.

My name is Ernesto Moya, and I was born in Colombia, South America. I have lived in Marseille France, New York City, and Hollywood California and I have spent a lifetime helping others to achieve the famous and cutting-edge looks and styles found in these places and from all around the world.

If you need help, consultation, or work done regarding your hair, skin, or style call us or just come by our conveniently located Hollywood salon. Myself, or one of our carefully chosen and trained stylists are here to help you get the cut, style or look you want. Whether you are a Star or just want the same personal attention and style, we are always at your service... and always with reasonable prices.

Magnific Hair Salon